Rubber-to-substrate adhesives to bond numerous elastomer compounds to rigid substrates.

Bonding Agents

Anchor Chemicals has established itself as a significant manufacturer and distributor of materials as well as offering technical support for the rubber and associated industries. The product range includes Ecorrlok, Ecorrbond, Midbond and Ty-Ply Bonding Systems.

We manufacture select Adhesives for bonding of rubber to metal and other rigid substrates. We have Hot Cure and Cold cure systems available, and our adhesives have found particular use in the rubber lining, hose building, splicing, engineering and general moulding industries.

Ecorrcure is used for ambient curing of chemical cure compounds and with the Ecorrlok adhesive systems is the preferred choice in the rubber lining industry.

RubberConditions Adhesives
NaturalChemical cureEcorrlok VS80/VS82, Ecorrlok VS89/VS90, Ecorrcure
NaturalSteam cureEcorrlok VS80/VS82, Ecorrlok VS89/VS90
NaturalAutoclave cureEcorrlok VS80/VS82, Ecorrlok VS89/VS90
NaturalHeat cureEcorrlok VS52X, Ecorrlok VS05/VS52X, Ecorrlok VS05/VS20
NaturalCured rubberEcorrlok VS05/Ecorrbond 2033, Ecorrlok VS05/Ecorrbond 2053, Ecorrlok ST177
ButylUncuredEcorrlok VS05/VS34, Ecorrlok VS52X
ButylCuredEcorrlok VS05/Ecorrbond 2033
EPDMUncuredEcorrlok VS05/VS34, Ecorrlok VS52X
EPDMCuredEcorrlok VS05/Ecorrbond 2053
HypalonUncuredEcorrlok VS05/VS34, Ecorrlok VS52X
HypalonCuredEcorrlok VS05/Ecorrbond 2033
NitrileUncuredEcorrlok VS05/VS34, Ecorrlok VS52X , Ty-Ply T, Ty-Ply BN, Ecorrlok VS20
NitrileCuredEcorrlok VS05/Ecorrbond 2033
ChloropreneUncuredEcorrlok VS05/VS34, Ecorrlok VS52X, Ecorrlok VS20
ChloropreneCuredEcorrlok VS05/Ecorrbond 2033
Millable urethaneUncuredTy-Ply BN
SBRHeat cureEcorrlok VS52X, Ecorrlok VS05/VS52X, Ecorrlok VS05/VS20